We’re Joining Forces with Sundance Power Systems!

Announcing a new collaboration between the two most established solar companies in the region.

The new collaboration between Thermacraft Solar Solutions and Sundance Power Systems allows both companies to be full-service energy providers for home and business owners.

We anticipate an enhanced ability to serve Thermacraft’s customers with a wider expanse of services while Thermacraft brings to the relationship expertise in radiant floor heating and solar system installations. Read the full story here.

We are proud to offer the following services.
  • Solar Electric
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Wind & Micro-Hydro
  • Off-Grid & Battery Back Up

For information about the services provided by the new collaboration, please visit the Sundance Power Systems website: www.sundancepower.com.


Our offices are located in Asheville, NC and we service Western North Carolina and the bordering states (typically within a 2 hour radius of Asheville, but we will travel further for certain projects). North Carolina has an abundant amount of sunshine as well as great state and local solar incentives. Take advantage of these incentives by letting the sun do your space heating. Combining radiant heat with solar water heating is a great way to lower your energy bills in the cold winter while you take advantage of the FREE hot water in the summer. Thanks for taking time to check out our website. Please contact us to discuss the various solar and radiant options that may be available for your next project.


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